Loving yourself and your skin is no easy feat. Especially when you have lazy feet. But a girl must keep herself semi-fabulous for the no-makeup run-ins into hot guys at the gym or for the occasional #nomakeupselfie. Hence, behold my skin care routine, an ode to my hormones and loving yourself.

  1. Body Shop Tea Tree Scrub: Scrubalicious, definition make them boys go loco. Last time I checked, I like all kinds of beads on me (wink, wink). The micro-fine exfoliant bursting beads in this product really help un-clong my pores without drying my skin. And this makes my skin feel super clean and extra loved.
  2. Bioderma Make Up Removing Solution: I was all about them makeup wipes until I learned that they only clean 60% of your makeup. OH HELL NO. Hence when this Sensibio H2O in an ultra-mild cleansing formula came along for sensitive skin, I was all about that base. Plus, it removes water-resistant makeup without affecting the pH of your skin! So lets get jiggy with it.
  3. Biotique Anti-Blemish Face Mask: On Mondays, I come home, pour myself some green tea, drool over the style choices of my favourite blogger and then put on this pure clove based face mask for 20 minutes. I am convinced that something which is Ayurvedic and meant to control acne can never be a bad thing. This belief is also strengthen by the fact that my face feels like a baby’s butt post this face mask shenanigan.
  4. Olay Anti-Ageing Eye Cream: Truth be told, this is a recent purchase and I am not entirely convinced that it’s doing anything. But being the paranoid ageing girl that I am, I am ready to give an anti-ageing eye cream a shot. Be right back with a review on this one soon!
  5. Labello Lip Balm: I let this rest on my lips so the Vitamins E, C and B5 soak in. I also rest my butt on the couch and wait for it to turn round. Lets see which one works first.
  6. Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil Tablets: My arch enemy aka the trainer at my gym recommended some essential fatty acids to my body-shaming surprise. But apparently popping these pill leads to cholesterol level support, bone support and mood support. And God knows I am one moody b*tch.
  7. Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser: When you spend shit loads of money on a beauty product at duty free, it better flipping work! And this does, my friends. This does. I guess being infused with Amazonian Camu Camu Berries, (which apparently have up to 60 times the Vitamin C power of an orange) is bound to do something. But I do feel fresh, less grumpy and instantly radiant with this bad boy. The only bad boy that ever made me feel that way.